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EKG Services

EKG Services in Frisco TX

If you have noticed symptoms of dizziness, chest pain, shortness of breath, and/or weakness, or if you are looking to lose weight, contact Omni Life Wellness. Our doctors will go over your symptoms and review your health with an EKG to check in on your heart and how you can change your lifestyle habits to healthier ones to help. For more information, call us today or book an appointment online. We are conveniently located at 8380 Warren Pkwy #100 Frisco TX 75034.

EKG Services Near Me in Frisco TX
VitalScan and EKG Services Near Me in Frisco TX

Table of Contents:

What does an EKG test for?
What are the reasons a person would get an EKG? 
Can losing weight quickly affect your heart?
How can an EKG help me lose weight? 

What does an EKG test for?

EKG testing is completed to record the electrical activity of the heart through small electrode patches that our lab technicians attach to your chest, legs, and arms. Your doctor will suggest that you get an EKG to check for any signs of heart disease.

EKGs, also known as electrograms, are a fast, safe, and painless procedure that has the ability to:

• Check the heart’s rhythm
• Overview of your blood flow to your heart muscle
• Able to diagnose a heart attack
• Check on anything that may be deemed abnormal
• Detect any significant electrolyte abnormalities including low or high calcium and high potassium levels

What are the reasons a person would get an EKG? 

EKG tests provide records of the electrical signals from your heart. This test is quite common and painless but often recommended by your doctor to review and detect any heart issues as well as to monitor the health of your heart.

EKGs are a non-invasive exam that diagnoses any common heart issues that are often seen in individuals of differing ages. It can also be used to detect:

• Impassable or narrowed arteries within your heart (also known as coronary artery disease)
• Irregular heart rhythms
• Signs of a previous heart attack
• Review of how well heart disease treatments are doing like a pacemaker
Your doctor will often recommend an EKG exam if you are showing any of the following signs:
• Chest pain
• Confusion, dizziness, and/or light-headedness
• Heart palpitations
• Rapid pulse
• Shortness of breath
• Fatigue, weakness, or a decline in your ability to exercise

Can losing weight quickly affect your heart?

Have you been mentioning to friends and family that this is your year, and you are ready to make a big change and work on improving your overall health and wellness, while also looking to lose weight? While losing weight can help with many things and improve your health if you are deemed overweight or obese, losing weight fast with fad diets and weight loss pills can put you at an increased risk of a variety of health problems.

While these known “shortcuts” may seem like a good idea at first, they can be quite harmful to your health. A few of the health issues that can arise from unhealthy weight loss include:

• Unsettling the body’s equilibrium

While our bodies are able to adjust to any minor dietary changes and still run smoothly, rapid or drastic dietary changes can cause havoc on our system. Sudden weight loss can cause electrolyte imbalances within the body. A sudden decrease in food intake that is often due to following fad diets will lead to an unexpected decrease in the level of the electrolytes, with a focus on magnesium and potassium.

• Heart issues

Rapid weight loss can cause damage to the blood vessels which will further lead to fluctuations in your blood pressure, heart rate, irregular heart rhythm, and even increase your risk of heart failure. Although exercising will aid in your weight loss, it can be dangerous for your heart health if you push it too far.


Rapid weight loss will also cause your cholesterol within the liver to seep into the bile which will lead to the formation of gallstones. It is best to lose weight slowly by following proper weight loss plans and exercising routines. If you completely avoid any fad diets or severe fasting regimes, you will see a higher success rate of maintaining your weight loss and noticing more benefits from a successful and healthy journey with the weight loss doctors.

How can an EKG help me lose weight? 

EKGs show how healthy your heart is, or how unhealthy it is. It’s the difference between showing how close someone is to having a heart attack and potentially passing away, or making simple changes that will greatly affect their health. To consult our professionals, call us today or book an appointment online. We are conveniently located at 8380 Warren Pkwy #100 Frisco TX 75034. We serve clients from Frisco TX, Allen TX, Prosper TX, Addison TX, Plano TX, and Colony TX.

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